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Monday, March 16, 2009

sorry for the incovinience

i'm customizing my blog at the moment..it's not completely cuztomized yet..sorry for the incovinience=)

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

eve leave..feels upset

eve is leaving malaysia today..now is 6.35 in the evening..she in the aeroplane now..perhaps she alright and perhaps she really will back to malaysia one month later..i so miss her now..TT..but lucky yesterday our class organised a farewell party to her..yesterday is the most momorial day..yesterday eve and me take teksi to midvalley then we take our lunch at garden's foodcourt with our classmate.after taking our lunch,we went to midvalley to have a movie at the cinema..but in the nutshell..we didn't watch cause there were too many people there,then we went to play games near by the place that play bowling..after that we back to garden again to buy a bag to eve.erm..it's "GUESS" pink coulor handbag,very nice=)cost RM409.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

exam week..damn.

hurrey...holiday..but cannot hang out with my friends..exam the next day..stya at house study study and study,in the evening,i hear a news that scinence and mathematic got to change to bm!!!OMG!!! please don't even change!!!please..i use to it answer and learn in english...please don't convert it..i object change to bm..i love english=)

exam day-4..study like hell sejarah and mathematic..@@
after school went for my tuition at teng suk house for my add math..

exam day-5..hurrey~~~exam chemist~i love chemist,chemist love me=)
but the questions set by teacher is quite complicated..hard to understand.a lot of working and a lot of questions too..my classmates almost can't finish it..althought i have enought time to finish,but...i'm not sure the answer..keep suspect my self...after school went for tuition until 7.40 n back home around 9 only bath..around 10 only prepare for my next day exam..a lot of my friends ask me i'm a last minute person???yes!i'm last minute person..i did everything last minute=)the next day is the most difficult exam for me...boilogy,add math and sivik..rush lyk hell...i can't even finish my revision for this three subjects,coz i was very tired!!keep yarwling~~cant stand it and went to my bed at 10.30..

exam day-6..arhh!!!!came!!!the biology paper came!!!i tought it's very very complicated and hard..but it isn't~damn easy man..but..i did quite a lot of mistake..my marks~~TT.after biology is the paper that most intimidted me...add math!!!i blank four question!!!omg...and other question i just simply do..GOD..bless me...please...i juc hope i can pass..=)

last day exam~wee***happy=D.Today only exam the physic..walao~i duno how to do man!i'm totally repel with physic!duno what acceleration,velocity,gradient and bla bla bla~~duno larh!duno how to do..blur blur~~but when finish exam,my class is just like a zoo..semua scream,shout and bla bla bla...i saw jeremy take photo of them...omg~crazy 4@9~
tomorrow i'm going to eve's fairwell party at midvalley...she's going to england on this sunday..

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Friday, March 6, 2009

lame week..

life repeat the same thg everyday..life???what's life??sometimes i very confusing in thinking what's life...sometimes life meaningful..sometime meaningless..sometimes colourful..sometime colourless..life sucks!

the day before the first term exam..feel so stress..totally don't know what i'm going to do..study???no...my heart not in study..at where???i have no idea..better don't back...forever.."stress"!leave me far far away!don't follow me..my mind much obfuscate!knowledge overflow..going to explore..

exam start..BM that day...the only part i know how to do is novel...the rest...blank..i know that i'm going to fail this time..my friend Terrence said that the total for this two paper is 240..if didn't get 85 or higher then that,will fail...doesn't matter..who CARES??i already know i'm the one last placed..frustrated..

much better that day..stressless...but i got not enough time to rush for my section B 250 words essay...i got a lot of idea..but the thing that blocking me is time...i waste too many time at section A...nevermind...fortunately this is the first exam..

all the students that take chinese,good luck for them=)i'm not taking chinese,therefore it's useless attend school..so i absent today..hold at at home sms,on line,watch movie,chat with friend in msn and do some revision prepare for the next day exam(moral)

force to wake up at 6.15am..much FED UP!!!ergh!can't tolerate and non-stop blaming why school must have replacement for study..if not cause of the stupid moral exam,i definately!for sure!i will absent...eve will going to England next week..feels depressed..upset..sad..she said that she will be back one month later if her father wants her to back..if her father wants her to stay there...3 to 10 years i can't meet her...i will so miss her..eve start this week didn't attend to school..beside me is empty..replaced by mei yu..

***words to eve***
eve..England is winter now...wear more cloth when going out..take care your healthy,wish you all the best and remember..keep in touch=)i will buy a webcam soon..show me how winter is at England...(xing ni)

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Friday, February 27, 2009

meningful week=)

that day after skul i forced to attend the idoit blue house practice.I thought teacher may realease my at 2.30 in the afternoon,but the bad woman say cannot!!she say either i leave at 3pm,otherwise i will received the surat gantung sekolah the next day..haix..so i immediatelly call to my father ask him to fecth me at 3 and after pick me up,straight drop me at LRT station,i got to rush for my tuition that start at 3.50p.m..nt finnaly i rushed it..=)

ntg to do tat day..except my homework=)

same..after schoold go tuition until 7.40pm

aftr schoold went for tuiton till 6.40pm..tat's all for tat day=)

most meaningful day in this week..time completely packed``today my bb eve present to schoold today..damn scared she wil adsent..haha...lucky she present~muacks..after school i went to bb eve house to further my revision for my add math n her chemistry..after revision for the chemist,eve tough me add mah..iguess that she teach me until she wan vomit edi~ahha~XD..after finish our revision,v decide to make egg tarts n play with her dog "happy wan mei mei" haha~she's cute...lyk to bite me...bt nt pain de...she vry lyk to ply..i stay at eve house till 6++ thn i ask her mummy to fetch me home le..thx ya auntie=)

today!!!it's today!!!i baru wake up...wahaha..piggie~today i suppose to reach schoold at 8.30 coz nid to decorate my class..bt i lazy...dunwan go..wahaha..stay at hse playing comp til 4pm gt tution..tis is the last day for my tuition.i nid cancel it..too many tuition for me edi..going to siiao..=p

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Friday, February 20, 2009

A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!exam cuming...i yet prepare..TT

OMG!!!the 1st term exam is around the corner...damn scare..i guess tis time i wil fail most of the subjects...oh my god..not dare to tink it anymore...bleddy scary~!tis week i really vry unfortunatelly especially on tuesday..monday is i caughted by pengawas,bt does't matter,while tuesday is the most 'malang' day for me!!!i nayris-nyaris kenal gantung sekolah!fucker teacher!i din attend the sport practice nia maa..nid gantung de meh???n my study is more important than the idoit practice!the practice is oni waste my tme!!!the idoit teacher summore say if i didn't attend the practice next week,i definately wil kenal gantung...PLUS!i gt my replacement for my tuition next week at the same day!how i'm going to devide my self into two???GOD~teach me!it's impossible for me to give up my tuition n it's oso ridiculous!!OMG!i hate rumah biru teacher!!!

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Monday, February 9, 2009


ring~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my alarm clock rang at 5.45 a.m in the morning to awoke a lazy pig.tat's right!is me!!!but i'm stil wanna to lying to on bed continue my sweet dreams~i had set my my alarm into snooze..therefore..it rang again at 6 sharp.bt...i'm stil not willing to wake up...tick tuck tick tuck..the clock keep moving until 6.15 and rang again...this time..i forced to wake up coz if i slept again,i will be late to school n cuaghted by skul's prefect.i dun wanna this of bad and unfortunate matter happen on me again..finally,i prepared at 7.10 n reach skul at 7.20..today ntg special..except my lil elder sis b'day~HAPPY B'DAY PUI YEE(CHIN)~

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